This I Believe

Austin - Centerville, Ohio
Entered on November 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Black Power This I believe. I just don’t believe in this because I am a black 16 year old, but because I know from personal experience the struggle that I have gone through. Growing up I didn’t take serious black leaders and what point they were trying to get across. But now I realize you can’t take for granted anything. Living in NC makes me reflect the life I used to have from gang banging, not taken school seriously, and messing around when I wasn’t supposed to, to now grasping and appreciating what life is all about. Each moment I think about my sister and the divorce of my parents it moves me to be angry, and act how I used to, but now I am realizing that none of this is my fault.

Moving to Ohio has really changed the way I view things. From not having that much money to being able to say I am paid is something that you don’t get a chance to talk about in America especially in the black community. Also I believe that school is something that all African-American students should strive for and not neglect because if we as a people want to survive in this world we need an education. I’m suddenly realizing that what Martin Luther King and other strong African American activist fought for our freedom were not just doing it for themselves, but where doing it for the black community as a whole. I believe in Black Power now because I am the one setting that example, because I am getting my education, and I’m contributing to society and making a change. At my high school I am one of the few only Blacks and I now see how hard it is, especially when you’re in a room filled with whites. I am now taking seriously my education and planning to go to college. I try not to think about the past but when I look at my arms I have gang symbols to help me remember how it was and what life was like before. Every time you turn on the TV you’re most likely to see another black man convicted of a crime who is going to prison, but sorry America it’s more than just that. What they fail to show you are the Blacks who are having a successful life and making a change in the black community. If your like me your tired of seeing black on black crime, booty shaken black females, how rappers get all this money, and b***h fly out the mouths of our BLACK brothers who are supposed to be setting the example for the next generation, every time you turn on BET. I think I speak for all blacks in saying that it’s tough in this world but if we want to be successful there needs to be a change in society. Please African American brothers and sisters, FIGHT THE POWER and make a difference.