This I Believe

Tanya - Lewes, Delaware
Entered on November 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

My Beliefs

Do you believe in magic? Not many people do. But we think about it, dream about it, and read about it on a regular basis. But how often does another magical element come into our lives? Too rarely. I believe in love and that it is the most important item in our lives today.

People get too caught up in all these complicating factors: this job, this TV show, this car or deeper elements like this race, this religion, this group. They forget about the bigger picture and don’t realize the most important thing in our society- love. All the good things in our world revolve around love. For example charity is about love for other people instead of ourselves. Marriage and friendship too would be nothing without love. Our family, our friends, our whole world are connected by love.

There have been so many situations in my life that have depended wholly on love. When my friends have been going through really hard times I have had to depend on love to help them and stick with them. Sometimes though, people can make you feel about the size of a pinhead by choosing not to act love and sticking with hate. When I was 11 at one of my friend’s birthday parties we were ice skating and met these really nice girls that taught us all these things that they had learned in skating competitions. However their mother didn’t like her kids playing with children of other races. If we get less conflicted by race, gender, and religion, and instead look through the person we will get less caught up in stereotypes that say people are supposed to be this way and instead we will look at people with love. I believe that people are really good deep down on the inside and they just need someone who cares to show that part of themselves.

Love is much deeper than an emotion. It is a person calling you if you seemed upset at school or your best friend giving you a hug when you need it. Love is a friendly stranger greeting you in grocery store or a clerk helping you find what you need. Love is those little things that make your day brighter. Love is more important than anything else in the world. Love is what I believe in.