This I Believe

Jordan - Milford, Delaware
Entered on November 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe


Jordan Lingo

This world definitely needs something. One thing that I know it needs is love. This I believe: love will solve every problem in this world. No matter where it is, if you show love and respect to people in your everyday life, life will be good.

The first philosophy I try to live my life by is the Golden Rule. I believe that I must treat people the way I want to be treated. What you give is what you get. On the soccer field, I try my best to follow this rule, even towards the other team. I help players get up after a fall, because I want people to help me up when I fall. Most players I go against respect me at the end of the game because I show respect and caring during the game. I believe that if I show love and respect everyday, I will receive love and respect.

I always consider people’s feelings before I act. How would I feel in their position? A good example of this would be a new student. I would not feel very comfortable going to a new school, having to make new friends and meeting new people. So if there are ever new students at my school, the least I can do is look out for them and make them feel not-so-uncomfortable.

Finally, it goes without saying that we “should love our brothers” We should not only love our brothers, but our enemies. In fact, if everyone loved their enemies… there would be no enemies. The same goes for friends. If you love your friends, you will have lots of them. I believe that my life is a testament of this; I have many friends, and I can honestly say that I don’t join in with any bullying, and I lift up people when they’re down. I say that you should love your friends unconditionally. I know people who’ve had life long friends, and I’m almost certain that they weren’t shouting at each other and putting each other down all the time.

In conclusion, that is what I believe everyday life should be based upon. I say that everyone should take a leaf out of John Lennon’s book. The Beatle spent his whole life trying to get people to love each other. As the song goes, “All You Need Is Love.” Hand it out and people will return it in a better condition. This is my everyday philosophy of love, and this I believe.