This I Believe

Avery - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Entered on November 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe

I believe in heartache.

Without strife, you can’t grow. Without being hurt, you will never learn to heal.

Strength is acquired through pain, and belief in your own power ultimately proves you to


Artists pull from his or her own experiences of passion, let it be sorrow and grief, love and warmth, or pure hatred. The transformation of these different emotions graces our society with beauty and awareness of expression.

I believe in the power of a woman.

Atrocities such as domestic violence and rape plague our society everyday. Some let it break them. They wither in their hurt and self-pity and convince themselves that they have nothing to live for. They fall to the punches that life throws them, and lie bruised on the floor, never to get up. They sink into themselves until they’re no more, until they die in all aspects in living.

Others get up. They reach for comfort in the purity of their own soul. They lean on the shoulders of confidantes until they’re strong enough to walk on their own. They find outlets for their hurt, grow, and learn for it.

I believe in healing. I believe in forgiveness. In strength, hurts, passion, demons, skeletons, and life. I believe in willpower to overcome heartache.