This I Believe

Bryant - Boynton Beach, Florida
Entered on November 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe I can fly. I believe that if a person has a strong enough desire, taking flight can become more than just possible. I believe that it isn’t foolish to go chasing after dreams, that that is what makes life worth living for. I believe in becoming more than what is expected of me and I believe that with dedication and hard work any dream is possible.

In this modern age each coming generation is born and exposed to the rapidly evolving creature called technology. They take these new conveniences for granted and thus become less and less motivated. This sometimes results in losing sight of one’s goal, which can be utterly painful and depressing.

A person who has a goal, a desire, a dream to become something and who will go and take action to achieve that dream will be one who will live with few regrets. . I know now that what I want most in life is to become an architect. This gives me a purpose and a goal to follow through. Dreams and goals give us guides and maps to living a fulfilled and happy life. They are what keep us going just as the instinct of survival does. Without such things there would be no inventions, no culture or ideas, no reason of being. Without it there would be no inspiration, only an empty shell devoid of life.

A person only lives so long, that to deny oneself a true glimpse of happiness is to waste away. It’s said that “only fools chase after dreams” but I believe that “those who say that, are fools who already gave up their dreams”. I’ve recently come to an early epiphany that I am more satisfied with soaring to my own dream than to conform to what others think I should do. It’s my life that I am governing, why should I let someone else make those decisions for me

Of course no dream can be accomplished with effort. There needs to be dedication and hard work, and most importantly an everlasting interest in that dream. If one sticks with the goal through thick and thin then one can only end up at the finish line. The persevering ones will live out their dreams.

Dreams may seem like a surreal and childlike thing, but when a person looks into it deeply there is wisdom to be found. That wisdom is telling me that if I find what makes me happy then I can live content and that attaining such will be worthwhile. Life’s short, let’s fly somewhere.