This I Believe

Erika - Lake Worth
Entered on November 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the power of acoustic guitars.

It’s been said a million times over that everyone has music inside of them- and it’s true. Everyone holds within themselves the ability to write a symphony, but most of us choose to play it safe and maybe write a melody or two here and there. But inside of all of us, deeply seated somewhere between our hearts and our minds, is that creative desire and capability to create beautiful music, if only we let ourselves do it.

Acoustic guitars remind us of this constantly hidden feature. They are hollow inside until someone picks them up and pays attention to them. Suddenly, when the guitar is being played, sweet songs rise seemingly out of nowhere, creeping from that empty space once hollow; that same space that is now filled with tune and life.

But, with age, acoustic guitars fade a little. They may go out of tune easily, even twang a sour note on occasion. However, if the guitar is maintained properly and given attention by a caring hand, that same lovely sound made in its youth can be produced again. Because, after all, under the warped wood and rusty strings is still the basis of a strong, able instrument.

Humans are very much the same. We are empty until we have someone to play with, someone to share our inner music with. And when we find that special accompanist, all of the depths and hollows within ourselves that once seemed dark now feel full of love and light. As we age, we may not be as sharp as we once were, but if our loved ones stay with us, they will see that deep down we remain the same souls we were in our youth. Our heart songs never change. When there is love and music, there is hope. This I believe.