This I Believe

Jennifer - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on November 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Life Makes Me Who I Am

Is it something that comes from the deepest depths of my soul that makes me who I am? Or is it the world that shapes my character? When I was brought into this sometimes cold and yet venerable place, was it predestined that I would be a certain way? I always hear about how a teen’s rebellion is just a declaration of their own independence in order to establish them self as who they are and who they want to be, or a way to find them self. This may be true, but I believe that I do not have to rebel to find out who I am, life will just spontaneously throw itself in my way, testing me, and from this I will learn something that will become a core value, something that makes me who I am. I believe that life’s remarkable journey makes me who I am and who I will become.

As a high schooler looking back at a time before now, I can tell the changes I have made. Middle school, being an awkward time in general has had an effect on who I am now. Physical changes as well as mental changes are creditable to that. I can remember the times when I contemplated trying to be a part of the “popular” clique, or just be me, with my own group of friends, eventually choosing the right way, be me, and just look on with envy. I am proud that I stayed true to my character then, because that has translated into me being true to myself now, and avoiding things that could corrupt morals that I hold dear to my heart (i.e. not lying/cheating/or judging others before actually meeting them, etc). But there are many instances that have made me who I am. Another example that pertains to not just me, but many, would be when as a child I tried to be a clone of my parents. With that goal in mind, I repeated their actions often, tried wearing high heels or a tie too big or too long for my body at the time, and on some occasions repeated their words and phrases that I had no idea what really meant, I just wanted to be like my parents. So after saying that one word that I thought was cool to say (because my parents had said it), I was scolded and told never to venture into that dictatorial territory ever again. This marks the beginning of my growth as a person, and though this instance was not actually something I consciously was really and truly aware of, learning right from wrong makes me who I am which is what I learned from this and will learn more time and time again in my life as it progresses on. The choices I make are based on ethics as simple as right from wrong, and sometimes, I am defined by the choices I make. That is who I am. The way I am is equal to which road I take, the challenging road or the easy back road. I know I like to be challenged, but I also know I like the taste of success, and though challenges make me stronger and turn into success, at certain times, success is what needs to result. That’s one minute part about me. I base the choices I make off of what I have experienced in the past, or from what I believe is right. This is something I have control over. Some things I do not have control over, but those things make me stronger, and become a part of who I am as well.

There are times when I wonder whether or not I will be able to get through the day or week or even the month, but then I just look back and say, this is life, there is nothing I can do about it except adapt and learn from it, so I might as well take it for the best. Life in turn rebels against me, testing me as a person, as an individual, testing my core values and if I can stay true to myself without buckling under the pressure. Life forces me to become who I am from the curve balls it throws. That’s life.