This I Believe

william - mocksville, North Carolina
Entered on November 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I am writting to u today so that u will understand an event in my life that shaped my beliefs or a person who inspired them. when i was a little boy my grandmother helped me understand what it ment to be a good person. My grandmother was a magerstrite. she worked in the jail, sometimes when she was called out to go to work I went with her. She had anybody from drunks to murders. When I was in there I noticed that if I was a good person I would not have to go to jail and have to bond out or have to go to jail. So when I was bad at school I got in trouble at home. When I was little I got a claw hammer out and started hitting the van. She came around the back and saw me she said “if u break it you will not get another one” that is all that was said. I had pulled some cards at school the next day and I said “ I wanted to go to walmart” and my pawpaw said “no” my grandmother said “ we will go” and my pawpaw said “ok”. My point is that she would do anything for you if you are a good person..Then she was diagnosed with cancer and 13 days after they found it she passed away. She was in coma the whole time so she did not feel a thing hopefully. So the next time that I think about getting in trouble I have to thank about what she thought me when I was little. I will always rember what she tought me and I miss her so much, and I hope to see her again sometime.