This I Believe

Aaron - Deerfield, Illinois
Entered on November 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe that a big paperclip is a piece of art.

During the first English class of my semester in Israel my teacher held up a big paperclip and asked for our opinions. At first I thought of it as just a paperclip, something that holds paper together, but that thought would soon change because of my classmate, Rob W.

Rob is a teenage boy that I met on my semester in Israel. He is six feet tall and has his own unique style in which he dresses with clothes as tight as preppy girls. He is pretty weird, which is good.

One night, Rob and a girl were walking aimlessly through Chicago when they saw a thrift store. The two looked at each other and thought, why not, and ventured in. As he walked into the store, Rob saw shelves of items he would love to get, but with limited budget and time he chose only two: a skateboard and a worn CD. Using his persuasive manner, he haggled the two items down to eight dollars combined. Together, the two teenagers rode home in the middle of the night on their newly purchased skateboard that squeaked at every turn of the wheel. Upon arriving at, home the two exhausted teenagers stumbled into Rob’s living room and stuck the mysterious CD in. From the speakers came the familiar sound of Jimi Hendrix that shook the whole room. To this music, Rob and the girl grinded for an hour and a half, holding onto each others waists, shaking their hips, and club danced the night away. Those crazy kids.

He once made me walk into a sex shop because he loved the way the salesmen acted when customers entered. To make the customers feel comfortable, these employees put on a little act, which was so funny that my abs hurt from all the laughter. Rob never expected to buy any sex toys when he took me there.

And at three in the morning while walking to his house, he made some friends and me stop so that he could pick up a fan he had spotted in someone’s trash. When he came back I asked what the fan was for. Rob casually responded that he was going to make a sculpture with it.

Who would’ve thought that a fan, someone’s garbage, could become art?

Rob did; to his eyes, Rob did saw every moment in his life as something of value. He saw a Jimi Hendrix CD for a dollar at a thrift store as an opportunity to have a blast trying out some club moves in his living room. He saw the sex shop as an improvisation club with comedians, not sales reps. He saw a fan in the garbage as part of a sculpture-to-be.

And I see a big paperclip as art.