This I Believe

Suzette - Milford, Delaware
Entered on November 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

What I’ve believed since I was little has always been the same. I believe if we all cared and loved one another that most of this world’s sorrow would be banished. In the song by Nickelback “If Everyone Cared.” my belief has grown from what they say in the song. It says: “If everyone cared and nobody cried. If everyone loved and nobody lied. If everyone shared and swallowed their pride. Then we’d see the day when nobody died.” When I hear that song it not only makes me think that if I was a better person that world around me would be better, but it also makes me think that if everyone followed it there wouldn’t be that many wars anymore. Also life would be a much greater and purer joy for everyone.

I about a person who died because the people he loved didn’t love him back. My family and I had a friend that committed suicide because his parents didn’t love him anymore and didn’t approve of his lifestyle. He couldn’t stand how his parents felt about his lifestyle, so he committed suicide at the young age of 26, which was so very depressing. Just think that he killed himself just because the lifestyle that he lived wasn’t good enough for his parents when all they had to do was love him for him.

Not only have I witnessed what happens when someone doesn’t follow this belief of mine, but I also witness this belief almost everyday. In ballet class we all help each other with different things like how to do that double turn. We all support one another and we all look at each other as one big happy family. Even though I hate it when Nutcracker parts go up and people get mad because they don’t get the parts they want, we all still show our love when one of us is hurt.

As human beings I understand how some people react to certain things. Like when someone gives me a hug or a smile it makes me feel so special that day. It just makes me feel like someone loves and cares about me and I enjoy it. But I hate it when someone just decides that they want to see me hurt or that they’re just having a bad day. I don’t enjoy having that rain cloud over my head once someone is ruined my day with a crude remark or a jealous face turned to me when I’ve done something great. I know that many people have the same belief as me. This belief is that love and care is the key to banish most of this world’s sorrow. That’s why I do love and care for everyone in my life. But when will others feel that way too?