This I Believe

Willie - Minnetonka, Minnesota
Entered on November 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

“This I Believe”

I believe in Halloween. Halloween is all about people dressing up, socializing, giving, taking, sharing, having fun, planning, and helping others.

When people dress up on Halloween, it can imitate the real world in many ways. A lot of people put on “fake fronts” for people and don’t express who they really are. People do this on a regular basis and some do not even realize it. They try to blend in with whatever crowd they are with. People do this a lot of times because they feel like they have to in order to fit in. People act like being themselves is not good enough for some reason. And we are all, no matter who it is, are subjected to this all the time. This is a reason why I believe in Halloween because it represents what we, as people, do on a daily basis.

Halloween is also all about socializing. A lot of people get together on this holiday and talk a lot about everything. People socialize in ways of just talking about harmless things like the weather, sports, or television shows. But the worst of all, is gossiping. People gossip all the time, sometimes with out even realizing it. Although some people believe it is just the women that do this, both genders are to blame. Gossiping can be true, or fake, but most importantly, unwanted information is spread all over. It can make people feel very bad about themselves and cause them to hide under fake “masks”.

On the bright side, Halloween is also about giving, receiving, and sharing. Children run around from house to house, collecting candy(s) that are graciously being handed out by all the owners of the house. I believe that Halloween helps teach children how to treat other people, be respectful, and be polite. It teaches them how to say simple phrases like “Thank you” and “Please”, which they end up using a lot later most of the time. Adults handing out candy want to be treated with the same respect that they are giving the children and this celebration helps to achieve that.

Lastly, Halloween teaches people of all ages how to help. No matter how old you are, there is mostly always someone younger then you that needs help. On Halloween, older siblings sometimes take out their younger siblings to “Trick or Treat” and helps them find their ways to all the houses safely to collect their candy. Before the pre-teen years, children normally are taken around the neighborhood by their parents or a group of adults. This sets a good example for children on how to help out in the future and also creates a safe and fun environment for the children.

I believe in Halloween the reasons named above and many more. It is a fun celebration and has a lot to offer every one of all ages. This I believe… Halloween.