This I Believe

Theron - Portsmouth, Virginia
Entered on November 9, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe that families are not what they used to be in times long past. I believe that despite this fact, deep down families want to be close and look for ways to accomplish this. Sadly, these efforts are often in vain since the generation gap is so large. But there are some things that can bring families together, and I believe that video games are that kind of conduit. This sounds like a trivial action, I must admit, but in reality, a new pattern in games is promoting families to spend time together and bridge the gap.

Being a gamer myself, I am already predisposed to enjoying the time I spend playing them. However, sometimes there is something lacking. That thing lacking is human interaction; something that can still be achieved even with video games. For the longest time, games have had multiplayer functions and this lets people play with each other and share the fun. However, the main problem was that the games only focused on my generation and because of this the older members of a family often don’t join in. This has to do with games following trends that appeal to just my generation, and that often the controls are too much for the older generation to take the time to understand like we do. But there is a new trend that is making this backwards idea obsolete.

Nintendo has begun to change how it markets games and its new system, focusing on not just the avid gamers, but also people who have never played before, or don’t like to. Their goal is to not just draw a wider fan base but to also draw families together. But how they do this is so simple. They’ve created easy to understand controls and new kinds of games to draw the interests of even the adults of a family. Rather than just market to this generation, they are reaching out to the entire family so that not just the kids play together, but also the entire family. They mean to give families a way to connect with one another, and enjoy time spent together when they would otherwise remain apart in their interests and activities.

The idea of thinking video games can bring a family together is slightly naïve, but on that same note the possibilities shouldn’t be ignored. Despite how silly one might thing this idea is, it really isn’t about video games. It’s about families and friends finding something that everyone can join in and be a part of, rather than separate them. I believe that this new method of gaming will not only be enjoyable for more, but I also believe that it will truly be a way for families to finial get together. They can have a way to relate and understand each other in a time when families normally can’t relate. I believe that games can actually bring us together, for the better.