This I Believe

Mehn - Albany, New York
Entered on November 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Friend Or Foe

By Mehn Nuannim

Have you ever been nice to anyone? Do you think that someone would be nice back? Well it doesn’t work that way. Let’s say I gave someone a pencil, just because the guy needed it. I was nice enough to give that one guy one of my pencils. If you look up the word barrow barrowing, it means to give something to something and giving that something back. In that some condition that something gave. Well that someone gave that pencil back alright Broken. That is life.

People aren’t perfect. It is hard to find a friend to rely on. But if you do find one, boy, are you lucky. I have a life lesson about this. One day I met a guy in one of my classes in sixth grade. His name was Vijay Dasei. He was in my ESL class. He was like a perfect friend. But there is another kind of friend, these friends are called, my-older-and-kind-for-annoying-friend. Unlike Vijay I met Cody three years before I met him that means I’ve know Cody more than Vijay for three years.

The year I met Vijay, Cody has been more depended more on me for help. As usual I helped him on anything. At the sometime Vijay needed Help. I didn’t know what to do. A week pasted and I came up with a plan. That plane was to help Cody in the school day and help Vijay in the morning before school and sometimes after school. As time pasted I’ve boned to Vijay more and more, I’ve learned that he likes basketball and wasn’t strong with math or science. It just happens that I am very good at both of those subjects. For Cody, I’ve not a big fan of him after him continuously tripping me and times I fell on my head. At the end of third period, I went to my locker, getting my books of the next class. At this time my friends are whetting for me to go to are next class. Nik, Vijay, Andrew, and Cody were there. “Mehn are you ever going to get that commendation right” asked Nik. I was getting used to my friends teasing me about opening my locker or that my locker is like a pig sty. But something I will never get used to Cody tripping my all the way to math and my science class. That day he went too far. I was testing Nik and Vijay on the science test. Today we had a test on plat tectonics. Vijay and Nik were studying All morning on the last test of the Quarter. Both of my friends needed a good grade. As We all walked to are science class, I noticed that Cody wasn’t in my sight. As I trended around something caught my right leg. As a human I followed thought with my step. This coasted my demise. In other words I fell, flat on my Asian face. Immediately Andrew, Vijay and Nik helped my up. “Hay Mehn You Alright” asked Nik.

“I’m alright” I answered I this time everyone in the hall was looking. I said to my self Cody will be Cody, I just for get and move on. More and more he does this for the past school year. In rare acetones I get to work with Cody. Like are astronomy project. The nice focused Cody was back until Vijay came and worked with. Cody and I. Vijay weren’t doing anything wrong. It was that Cody was giving a hard time to Vijay. Ever since that day I never seen Vijay and Cody kept there distances.

In the Seventh Grade Cody didn’t need me at all. It has been a long time since Cody needed my help. Thought Cody chanced he habits of studying and trying. He was around and here and there, but when he isn’t around with these new friends. I think he uses me as a back up friend. Vijay on the other hand was different, he was funny and helpful. He didn’t care about anyone thinking about him and what people say. I could see a difference between than. I know how to Pick friends and this would help the rest of my life