This I Believe

Reagan - Chesapeake, Virginia
Entered on November 9, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Denied from My First Choice School

Many high school students have a dream to attend their first choice college or university. The objectives of each application are the same: provide accurate information and sell one’s achievements better than the thousands of other applicants. Then they wait many long months for a decision. Virginia Tech was my dream school to attend. Sadly, I was denied not once but twice. Although I was not given my way, there is always another route with enormous opportunities.

The early decision application deadline was only two months away. The online application was easy to complete, however I incurred problems. Firstly I had submitted the transfer application instead of the freshman application. This was entirely my problem, and I know I needed some outside help. I contacted the office of admissions and the staff was able to correct the issue. The second issue was my S.A.T. scores were below their “required” entry preference. Virginia Tech stated they did not have an actual minimal score requirement, but almost everyone knew that if anyone submitted a composite score below the 1000 (at least 500 on each section) point level, their application would be removed from consideration.

After a long wait, I opened the mailbox, and the envelope contained only one sheet to confirm my worst thoughts. I was denied admission to Virginia Tech, my dream school, and the entire letter contained no reason for the office’s choice. I knew I had the option of an appeal, and when I was ready to mail the envelope, tragedy struck the campus. On April 16, the day after my eighteenth birthday, a gunman shot over thirty students and professors. With the tragedy, I felt a stronger desire to make a positive difference on Tech’s campus. I again was denied. My heart sank to the bottom of my stomach, and I thought about all of the stress and hours of dedication throughout high school in hopes of being accepted to Virginia Tech. Then I realized that there was one university that truly wanted me.

As a “back-up” school, I applied to Old Dominion University during the waiting period of my first decision to Virginia Tech. I submitted an essay written in my Honors English Twelve class on the process and reasons for becoming President of the Student Council Association. Within three short weeks, I received an acceptance letter congratulating me on my successes during my high school career. I had also come to find out about the prestigious Honors College program at Old Dominion, and I applied. I felt confident as there were no SAT score requirements, and within a few short days, I was accepted into the program. I have also joined the Student Government Association on campus to better the student population and give each student a voice. I believe God has blessed me with many positive opportunities, and I believe he had a plan for all of the imperfections of the Virginia Tech application and the benefits of Old Dominion University.