This I Believe

Dillon - Chico, California
Entered on November 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

My Passion

Never giving up, and pushing myself until the very end is what it takes to become a racecar driver. People say, “Ha, you drive a racecar, all you do is go in circles,” but I believe in racing. They don’t understand the preparation and mindset that it takes to become victorious. My pit crew and I study the track as the clay is pushed higher into a small wall of dirt. And as the bottom side of the track sits there, tacky, and waiting for only the best drivers to be able to dive down to it. The track conditions come into consideration as I sit and concentrate on how to hit my marks, while the crew chief makes the last minute call on tire pressure.

I line up to the starting gate confident in my ability and hoping that the crew chief made the right decision moving out the right rear tire. Everyone is pushed on the track and lined up two wide. Going down the back stretch the yellow light goes out, I grab the steering wheel tight, rev the motor, and I’m going green coming out of turn four. Going into turn one everyone is cautious for the notorious first lap yellow flag. Drivers not yet knowing how their car is going to act we always focus hard to feel the smallest bounce or twitch and adjust how we make the corners. Now I’m left with twenty five laps to push myself to the limit, and drive harder, smoother, and faster than ever to win the race. Just like any sport I need to be able to focus, but I can’t over think things. When I’m in the corners sideways at 70 mph I know that I’m on the edge. One mistake or overcorrection and I’m headed straight for the wall going for a rollercoaster ride with no forgiveness. But when I control that danger and turn it into power I become the fastest car on the track.

Racing isn’t a sport; it’s the sport. It puts everyone from the drivers and pit crew, to the announcer and audience on the edge. Whether your on the edge of the track or your seat you can feel the excitement miles away. When I’m the first driver to see the checkered flag I become overwhelmed with the best feeling of my life.

When I pull in the infield and climb out of my car I feel my heart pounding. I hear the announcer say my name as he claims me victorious and the crowd cheers. Walking around the pits after I win I hear, “You’re the guy who won? That was some racing kid,” or as other drivers usually say, “Nice race.” The whole track is full of good feelings, and even those who had a rough night still congratulate me for my win and celebrate with me. It is a feeling so great that it’s indescribable. Racing is a lot more than just going in circles.