This I Believe

Jia - Albany, New York
Entered on November 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

“The song is ended, but the melody lingers on . . . ” —- Irving Berlin

BY: Coco

Have you ever experienced the loss of the ones you love dearly? And have you ever regretted that you didn’t tell them that you loved them. I learned that there are people who love you so much, but you don’t know how to appreciate them until they are gone and you won’t see them again.

It’s like what happened to me and my brother. He’s seventeen now. Even though we were never too close as brother and sister, I always looked up to him as a role model. I thought he never cared. It’s not like we hated each other. In fact, I loved having a older brother, it’s something I can brag about. But I didn’t know if the same applied for him. He never really showed that he loved having me around. He was good with our parents; he never did anything wrong, and he always got the good stuff. He was not too good with schoolwork, but he is smart, it’s just that he never really wanted to learn. Apparently that is the only thing that my parents wanted him to improve, other than that, he’s perfect. He’s good looking, so he’s naturally good with people, especially with the girls. But then, things changed. I started seeing him less and less. And now we don’t see each other at all (though we still send each other emails). Back than I was too little to realize that the answer is YES, he did care for me. It’s the little things that he does, like whenever he comes to see me at my grandma’s house, he would always bring stuff like gum or candy. It wasn’t much, but it showed that he thought of me. But what really told me was the look he give me when I left China to come to America, it was as if he was crying, he didn’t want me to leave. I only wish I knew earlier, so we could’ve done more things together as brother and sister. It makes me wonder if we’ll ever be as close as we would’ve been.

My grandpa was a kind man; unfortunately he was in a very bad condition. I somehow knew that it would all come to an end, but I did not get to see the last of him. I was told that he was smiling while holding one of my relatives’ hands. I think maybe he knew that we’d be alright without him and he knew we didn’t want him to be in so much pain, so he let go, without regrets. Whenever I think of him, tears just start falling like raindrops, I don’t know the reason. He’s gone now, but the touch of those wrinkled hands, his slightly raspy voice, his smile and when we’d sneak off to eat ice cream and popcorn . . . These are the things I will never forget.Did you know that every eight seconds somebody dies and every three seconds someone is born? So everyone is losing their loved ones every eight seconds, how does that make you feel? Isn’t that kind of sad? In fact doesn’t that make you want to care about the ones you have with you more? That’s what I’ll do, I’ll make sure that the people I love don’t get hurt and I’ll make sure to give plenty of love to the ones who love me. But look at the bright side, every three seconds, a new member of a family is born, and there would always be someone who would care about the new one, it doesn’t matter if they grow up thinking that nobody loves them, you’ll find them one day, the one that would always be there for you. Or perhaps, they’ll find you. It’s like this, if someone you love so dearly passed away, you would not be sad for the rest of your life, sure you’d be depressed whenever you think of them and how you can’t do certain things without them. But you’ve still got the people near you, and the memories of that one person, that, is what would live in your heart forever, and you would cherish them forever. I think that’s what they would want you to remember them as; a happy person that brings every bit of light to your face. Even though that person no longer can be with you, you can always smile that they once lived. So cheer up, for you, and for them.

Sometimes sad things happen, but in spite of all those sad things, there are still things to be happy about.