This I Believe

Karelia - Norfolk, Virginia
Entered on November 8, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

A Poetic Heart

I believe poetry brings healing to the soul in order to battle hidden secrets that can only be expressed with the power of words. I have always enjoyed the art of poetry, it is my constant reminder of how beautiful words can transform.

The pages in my diary were full of words that only contained bad memories and feelings I never wanted to revisit. I never wrote about my good memories. I decided to lock my diary away as I found another window of expression: My English notebook was altered into a personal memoir of thoughts. My secrets were now revealed within every stanza, full of similes and metaphors. The beauty of it all was that those who read or even heard my poetry never knew the truth. They could only use their imagination to create stories out of my words. Whenever I felt passionate about something, I would write until the pen lost its ink. Every full page became my superman, as the burdens slowly went away. I was no longer stranded in depression. I no longer had to be concerned about sharing my secrets with my friends and worrying about how they would perceive me. I wrote my sorrows, my dreams, and passions as extreme as they were. I didn’t have to worry about my professor correcting my grammar, syntax, or even organization. I could make up words, and twist them around as I pleased. This was my forbidden language that became part of who I am. It released my silence through short stories of my life. My life was not a life or death soap opera. I was captured in an emotional rollercoaster. My emotions depicted every reaction and sensation I had in each situation, and transformed those moments into powerful language. My peers related and praised my poetry, giving me confidence to write more. I believe poetry is my strength and can be for others. Poetry gave my mind a vivid imagination to grow. It can be a way to say things that people sometimes consider “weird” or uncomfortable to talk about. I revealed many things about myself, through strength of words. Mystery will only bring more creativity to the readers mind. They will automatically connect with a feeling they find similar in order to relate to a poem.

“Hold me like you did that night

Only this time don’t let go.

I see no faces when I am in your arms

Yet I can feel their eyes burning our love

Trying to figure out why I chose you.”

This I believe

There are many types of poetry, some relating to happiness, sorrow, strength, and even power. Influential words can help a person gain strength in battling a disease, or make one feel better after a loss in the family. It becomes a rejuvenated effect on people to know that they are not alone. Poetry can also be a place of solitude, where ones imagination can soar to the highest mountain.