This I Believe

Ashley - Altamont, New York
Entered on November 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

A life changing experience

By: Ashley

Have you ever had something in your life go totally and completely wrong? Well I have, a couple times and I never want to go through it again. I learned a great lesson from it though. That lesson is to appreciate the people you have in your life.

Last school year my life was great. My best friend was Abigail Smith and we did everything together. My mom babysat her brother and sister, and our families got to know each other really well. Susan (Abigail’s mom) went to Rochester almost every weekend because that’s were most of their family lives. We used to take Abigail for the weekend or however long they were staying in Rochester. So one weekend Abigail was staying at our house. It was right at the end of the school year. Abigail and I were just hanging out after a long day and my parents and brother went to drop my mom’s car off at the mechanic. While we were home alone for at least 15 minutes, the phone rang and the caller ID said Brown, Todd and I asked Abigail if she knew who it was and she said “yeah it’s my uncle.” So I handed Abigail the phone and all of the sudden Abigail got all sad, her face had a scared look on it and kept asking “is she was going to be okay?” I was really wondering who she was talking about, I thought it was Abigail’s sister Ella. By the time Abigail got off the phone she was totally and completely crying, and she said “that was my aunt; she said my mom had a brain aneurysm.”

The first thing I did was went on and looked up aneurysm; it said could cause death or something like that. Abigail was pacing around the whole house trying to call people, I just burst into tears and finally I hear the garage door open. I ran out into the garage crying and my mom said “I know Danielle called me too.”

In the five minutes that we were waiting for her aunt and

uncle to come, I had to pack up all Abigail’s clothes and stuff. Right when Abigail was about to leave she asked my mom “is my mom going to be okay?” and my mom said “I can’t tell you that Abby.”

It was so sad watching Abigail leave. After she left we were thinking about the best things that could happen. The next day when I got home from school my mom brought me upstairs and said “Abigail called today, she said her mom had a brain aneurysm that burst in the brain steam and the doctors said she might not make it.”

I was crying all day long, and really nervous. At about 6:20 that

night Abigail called and my mom picked up, Abigail told my mom that they took Susan off of life support about 20 minutes ago. Then my mom handed me the phone and she said to me “my mom didn’t make it.” And first I was speechless then I said “I’m so sorry Abby.” A couple days after in school I had been crying forever and in social studies Mrs. White announced to the class that one of our teammates mothers had passed away and I just lost it right there in class.

Ever since this happened Abigail has been living in Rochester. Immediately after Susan died, her family moved to Rochester. I get to see Abigail every once and a while and the rest of her family even less. I miss all of them so much and I would do anything to have Susan back.

This event has taught me so much. Always respect the people you love and remember to say goodbye because you’ll never know what can happen. And once you loose someone you can never have them back.