This I Believe

adam - norwood, Ohio
Entered on November 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

Do you believe that racing should be considered Americas past time sport. I believe that racing is Americas past time sport. Dirt track racing has been around every since the guys with the desire to go fast and sling some dirt.

The reason I believe that dirt track racing is Americas past time is there was always someone trying to make there car faster then someone else car to out run them on the dirt. If you trace just about every ones past back they probable have someone in there family that was racing on the dirt track. Racing has been around every since they could put a car in dirt and go fast.

Racing is growing bigger then any sport. You may see people loading up to go watch there kid play football or baseball but when the family goes to watch a racing with one of there family members the hole family gets involved. You never see any one spending thousands of dollars just to go watch one game or to play one game but there is people in the racing world that spend thousands of dollars just to lead one lap.

When you go out to a race on the weekend you see the cars going throw the turns side ways throwing up dirt as they go by. You see the guys racing going down the back stretch trading paint and putting some potential to there cars meaning putting dents and other kind of stuff to there car.

When your racing and something goes wrong with your car and if you don’t have the part to fix it and you go ask someone for the part if they have it most likely they will let you use it. You need help fixing your car they will help you long as you didn’t spin them out or put them into the wall.

When you go to the track you don’t see guys standing there and telling someone else to work on the car. You see the driver and the crew both working on the car. In this sport the drivers have to get dirty and work on the car if they want to run the front. That is what racing is about.