This I Believe

Bryan - Lexington, Ohio
Entered on November 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: forgiveness

Are you Deserving?

I believe that everyone has a second chance. He or she shouldn’t be judged by what they did in the past, but by what kind of person they are right now. They deserve to prove themselves more than once. I’ve seen many people change over time and they are nothing like they were before. Some people make decisions that were caused by the immaturity or bad knowledge of a situation. I believe that every one needs a second chance.

I will bring back to an event in my past to prove my point. A friend of mine, who I will refer to as Bob, wasn’t the best of guys. He made some very bad decisions throughout his life up to this point; he drank lots of alcohol, smoked, and did other things I will not and cannot mention. One night Bob and I were at a party where there was drugs and alcohol. Of course, Bob decided to join in on the fun and had a couple of beers. Well, I left and the next morning I got a text on my phone: “I got arrested”. The party was busted and Bob got arrested for fleeing police officer and underage alcohol consumption. This hit him like a wall of bricks. It was like a switch of faith and honor turned on inside of him. From that point on he attends his church youth group sermons and has been involved in many extra curricular activities.

Now I have a question for you. Did this young, immature, innocent teenager deserve the second chance he was granted? Should he have been thrown in a path with a dead end and given no hope of doing anything with his life? This concept of a “second chance” not only applies to teenagers, but people of any age, race, sex, or religion. Everyone makes bad decisions in their life. Think of a time when you did something wrong or stupid that could have potentially effected your future. Now that you look back on the event, how do you feel about the decisions you made? I imagine you feel that you were immature or irresponsible at the time. That is the same way other people feel about things they’ve done whether it be a DUI or a prank that went wrong.

People in society today, put too much emphasis on the past and not enough on the present day. They look at a person for what choices he or she has made years ago, but not what kind of person he or she is today. They may have made a bad decision two years ago but does that really effect how you should perceive them today. Everyone is worth a second chance, no matter what they’ve done!