This I Believe

Ashleigh - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on November 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

There is someone special for everyone.

I believe there is one special person for someone. I believe this because I think that no one could ever be alone. Even if they don’t have someone now they will always have someone in the future. When I see people who have been with a boy or girl for at least two years I always assume that is the person for them. Not every relationship is perfect but I have seen some that are close enough to it. There is always going to be ups and downs in a relationship but you have to understand that you pretty much made a commitment to that person so who ever you hook up to will make a huge difference in your life because you guys pretty much made a commitment to be together.

I also believe this because everyone has someone who is going to love them and be there for them through whatever. Whether it is a friend, parent, boyfriend or girlfriend. All three of those should always be there for you and when you need a shoulder to cry on or anything they would be there for you. Not everyone has those kinds of people. Some people have lost their parents and don’t get around enough to meet new friends or find a boyfriend or a girlfriend so some people have themselves or other family members. But if your positive and confident enough in yourself you will find exactly what you want.

Those are the reasons of why I believe that there is one special person for everyone. Some people see it on television and just think oh that’s television. But its really not. You can make anything happen that you want to but you have to help yourself. So if you want a friend or you want a boyfriend or girlfriend you have to put yourself out there to meet new people. Some might come to you but you have to put something into it.

This kind of reminds me that if you want something to try your hardest to get it. If you want someone for you then reach to get it. Some people don’t look just so they get hurt but always take things slow and hope for the best between them hopefully good things come along.