This I Believe

faiz - norwood/oh/15212, Ohio
Entered on November 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

By: Faiz Salti

“The only discipline that lasts is self-discipline”, says Bum Phillips and I agree with that. I agree with that because I have

Made many mistakes and I learned that, when my mom would discipline me it would not work but when I learned that what

I was doing was wrong and bad then I stopped MY self and I put my self in punishment. I did that because I did not want to go around and keep doing all of the wrong things so I turned my life around and I started to get my self in clubs like: basketball, football, Teen Response which is a club only for teens), and work with my hands like on computers and etc. Another thing that kept me out of trouble was that I started to fix cars because it is fun and it keeps me busy and it keeps me out of trouble. That makes my mom very, very happy to see me doing something I like to do instead of getting my self in trouble all the time! It makes my mom very happy to see me stop being “bad” by my self, and it feels good that I got my self together, and that will get me ready for the future.

For example when I came home late every around 3 in the morning, my mom was always yelling at me saying “you know that you can get arrested for staying out that late.” But the funny thing is that it never stopped doing it because I was to busy thinking about what I want to do! but all those days that that I stayed out, it kept getting into my head that my mom was at home just wondering about what im doing and if im O.K. As the days go by I just kept thinking that im putting my self in dangers way because I can get arrested and be locked up like I always feared.