This I Believe

John - Reynoldsburg, Ohio
Entered on November 8, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, love

“Trust Me!” How many times have I heard that phrase and then had a door slammed in my face. So called friends are sometimes vipers in the night.

But Mom, she’s different. She always tells it like it is. And the problem is she knows me well. If I exaggerate, she knows it. If I am being a fool, she knows it. And she is very direct. There is no beating around the bush. I used to resent her attitude, even hate her at times. But I have come to figure out for sure that mom loves me. Why else would she tolerate all of my errors and failures? Why else would she put up with me being a slob and also being inconsiderate? She is very compassionate and she is always there to help; ironing clothes, fixing a snack or putting my shoes away. She is always encouraging me to do well. Not pushy, but just enough to make me think that I can do it. Mom can control my emotions like no other. When I am sad, she provides a soft shoulder. If I am happy, she shares in my joy. And If I am angry, she knows what to say to clam me.

Mom provides money too. She works stretching to pay bills and yet saves enough money to pay for my college. And as if that isn’t enough, she buys me Christmas and birthday presents. When my face lights after seeing my gift, she smiles just because she knows that I’m happy. I know carrying me for nine months wasn’t easy and neither were the pains of childbirth.

One of my first memories of life was when I was about three years old. A bee stung me and mom was holding me, applying an ointment. Her eyes, I remember Mom’s eyes. Beauty, peace, and security that’s’ what I saw. Almost hypnotic, her eyes made the pain go away and replaced it with a warm comfortable feeling. When I was young many nights at bedtime, she would look at me with those eyes and I knew I was safe and secure. The bedtime stories were always about love, challenges, and naturally ended with a lesson about life.

I know I’ll have friends in my life and few that will be labeled “best”. But no one will ever replace mom. And when the time comes when she is old, I’ll be there for her. With everything I have. I believe in mom.