This I Believe

Tyrone - West Nyack, New York
Entered on November 8, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

This I Believe

I believe that every time I want to hang out on a weekend, there’s some divine power that prevents me from doing so. I started working at the movie theatre so I could earn money and use it when I’m hanging out with my friends. Every time we hang out, we spend a lot of money buying food, movie tickets, and the occasional care package for the orphan baby from Cambodia. Every single one of those times, I had to beg my parents to give me money so I can do those things.

However, enough was enough, and my parents cut me off from the rainbow that leads to their magic pot of gold. So I ended up borrowing money from my filthily spoiled friends so I can keep up with their spending binges. Soon enough, I was over a hundred dollars in debt to a multitude of people. I then decided to get a job.

I was hired by the movie theatre after a month of job searching and started to make money. At first I was very happy making my own income without having to extract the money from the clutches of my parents, but that was soon to change. I quickly realized I was asked to hang out on the days that I had work. Every time I was called to watch a movie, go to a party, or go break mailboxes in the neighborhood suburbs; I was scheduled to work at that soul-stealing theatre of hell the very same day. It seems as though every time I had plans for a fun-filled night, that the devil chained my soul to the box office, selling tickets to other teenagers who seemed to be having the time of their little pre-pubescent lives.

However, if I didn’t work, then I didn’t have any money to have fun anyway. Sometimes I wish that I had powers of persuasion so I would be able to walk up to the bank and just ask for money, but I doubt that would ever happen. I believe that I will probably find some way around this pothole in life, but until then I know I have work this weekend because my friend just asked me to hang out.