This I Believe

Charlene - Norwood, Ohio
Entered on November 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

People judge you by looks. People of different races just figure that immigrants are here to crowd the city’s more or to mess up things. When actually there here for a better life. A lot other things play a major part to.

How you act and where you live can play a major part in the judging. If you’re shy and don’t talk they think you’re mean. Like people here from Norwood half of the kids are bad, do drugs and fight. But there’s still us kids that unfortunately have to get up early and come to school so we can make it later in life with a good paying job. The type of music that you listen to can play a major part in how people judge you. If you listen to rock and they listen to something else you can be named completely different. Rap can be anybody that is into sex or something similar to that. Because a lot of it deals with sex talk. Some times it can be who you hang out with that if one person in a group don’t like another person in a group they wont join groups to all get to know each other they just wait till that persons alone to speak with them.

You’re religion might play a huge part in life. If you believe in one thing and somebody else of a different religion believes in something else than those people might not be allowed to talk and be friends. I know myself that I had to lie to a friend and say that I don’t like Harry potter because if I told the truth than we wouldn’t be able to speak anymore. So that lie of how much I don’t like it I’ll have to stick with and be careful what I talk about around that person. I knew that I had a good friend ship with her so I didn’t want her dad to think that I’m evil and actually believe that we need it. I call this a good example because as soon as some people find out what you like they don’t want nothing else to do with you. They shouldn’t judge you by what you like because they could lose a good friend ship.