This I Believe

Nicolle - USA
Entered on November 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe life is Worth Living

By: Nicolle Segrist-Bellamah

There’s always a reason for everything that happens to you in life. Like maybe you fell off your bike, because you were on a street you shouldn’t be on. Well maybe you fell to teach you a lesson. In the next few paragraphs I will tell you more of why I think everyone has a place on this earth for a reason.

I believe everyone has a place on this earth for a reason. So they can live and make their life all worthwhile. I believe God sent everyone on this earth to test them, by seeing if they can follow his Ten Commandments and do the right things. In my life there’s obstacles and sometimes I need help getting through them so I just pray to God to help me out, and in the end it’s all good.

My life is complicated, hectic and confusing since there are nine other people in my family. When things get tough sometimes I just feel like getting away somewhere, but my mom told me when I feel like that just tell God and in his own way he will answer your prayers, for me that does work and it takes a lot off my chest.

Many things in life teach you. One thing that taught me never to judge anyone because it can hurt them. Which has to do with one of my friends I’ve known since I was two, my great friend Katie Donovan. She wrote me a letter that made me think. It made me think a lot about myself. I mean what made her want to say such hurtful things to me? I just tried to understand and I thought well maybe she’s under a lot of pressure at home and me being her good friend she just didn’t know how to tell me what she thought of me, so she exploded with those words.

Life lessons are a good thing. I think everyone is taught a life lesson many times. I know my family has gone through some life lessons in the past and most of them were for the good. I’ll forget all of my mistakes but I will never forget all the times I’ve learned from them.