This I Believe

erika - racine, Wisconsin
Entered on November 8, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: death, gratitude

I believe that life is precious. Tonight, my grandmother passed away with a long battle of cancer, brain tumors and many other ailments. I am writing this essay because I found myself unable to sleep and I needed some way to let others know what I am thinking and feeling. I wish I could write about the many good times that I had with my grandmother, but I must be honest, I didn’t know her that well. This is what kills me the most. We had been close when I was younger but as I got older the more we drifted apart. There is one memory that I have that still makes me smile, when I was younger my Dad, my Mom, me and my brother and my dads sister with her husband and two daughters would always go to visit on Christmas Eve. We would go over for dinner, open gifts, we would then sneak off to the office (where my late Great-Grandmother would do her artwork) and we would go through old cabnits and find what we thought was lost treasure, and then we would all go to church. When She first became ill I remember that I wanted to get to know her again. But because I my busy life I never got to know her like I used to and I always thought that I would have time to make up for the time that was lost. Well, my time ran out. I regret not taking the time to stop everything and go see her more often to let her know that I love her. The reason I decided to write this now is because I realized that our time here on earth is not gaurenteed and can be taken away in a heartbeat. We need to spend each passing moment as if it is our last and I know that that might sound a bit cliche’. I realized this too late for the lost moments with grandmother, but I will never again take life forgranted. This I believe.