This I Believe

Daniel - Boulder, Colorado
Entered on November 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure, science

I Believe in Self-Induced Happiness

I believe that someone is responsible for their own happiness. I believe that there was no one person put on this earth to make me happy. People may feel that sometimes they are sad because someone has hurt them. This sadness is only caused because you allow it to. When something hurts you it is your personal responsibility to choose whether to let it be and be sad, or do what you need to do to cheer yourself up. I think that sometimes someone may feel that they need someone to make them happy. When someone enters your life and makes you feel happy again, it is not because of them but because of how you feel with them that makes you happy. When something brings you down in the world and you feel like it is not worth it anymore. You have forgotten that you are in control of your happiness and you may forget it for the rest of your life. I am not saying that others cannot make you happy, because they can. I am saying that if you want to always be happy you should rely on yourself and not others. Also if you have a day and it starts to go horribly wrong, and you feel like nothing can make it better. Do something that makes you happy or think of something that you like, an example would be listening to your favorite song in quiet place or sleeping for that matter. Happiness can be found anywhere inside your self, it just needs to be looked for. Something that personally makes me happy is singing or music. I believe that when I sing or listen to music I am taken to a better place that makes me happy. Everyone has these places that just lift their mood beyond belief. I believe that true happiness is found within your self and not inside others. I believe that you may receive help from others to be happy but in the end you’ve got to count on yourself to be happy.