This I Believe

Kylie - Bellevue, Washington
Entered on November 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Animals have been known to bring emotional strength, hope, and healing to people in a time of greave, stress, and pain. The innocence of animals and their ability to love makes them special. I believe in the healing power of animals.

I have been riding horses ever since I can remember. I think my first lesson was when I was two years old. Any ways, I love animals, but there is one special horse that helped me through a lot.

Kingsley is a brown and white, American paint, quarter horse. 15.3 hands tall, mellow, and has a personality that will never leave you with out a smile. He is with out a doubt my best friend. I got Kingsley as a gift for my 10th birthday. You’ll find it really hard to separate the two of us.

My 5th and 6th grade years of school were really difficult for me. There was this boy, Derek, in my class that for some reason never let a day go by with out saying a cutting word to me about my appearance. His words hid me hard. I would cry and cry until my head just felt like it was going to explode. For some reason I didn’t feel that I could talk to my parents about school and the pain I was feeling. But I did feel that I could spill my guts out to Kingsley.

Everyday after school I would go down to the barn and just talk to Kingsley for hours. I could cry, laugh, yell, and he would just listen to me. Now, I know this sounds strange, but he really does listens to me. His eyes show compassion and he tilts his head in a way that seemed to say, “Its ok. I know what your going through. I love you… I love you.” I really needed that.

My family moved from California to Washington State about three years ago. Finding a place to keep Kingsley was difficult, since Seattle isn’t geared so much for horses. my grandmother agreed to let us keep him on her property in Bainbridge Island, Washington, so he was close by.

Kingsley is such a Godsend. He hasn’t just helped me, but Kingsley also helped my grandmother’s dear friend, Judy Brown deal with the death of her son.

Judy’s son, Eric, had just died from brain cancer when we were moving. He was only in his 20’s. My grandma had invited Judy to come groom Kingsley with me the day he arrived in Washington to give Judy some joy in a time that was really difficult.

From that day on Judy has come and visited with Kingsley just about every day. Kingsley did the same for Judy that he did for me; he gave us joy, comfort, and put a smile on our face.

I believe that animals are a gift to human beings to bring us love, joy, and healing into our life.