This I Believe

Ryan - Santa Rosa, California
Entered on November 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: purpose

I believe I am alive for a reason. On September 30th of 2006, I was involved in a life changing motorcycle accident. I had just gotten off of work at 4pm from Memorial Hospital were I worked security in the emergency room, when A friend of mine Jason Bauer asked me to go on a motorcycle ride. I changed into my gear and we headed off. At about 5:00pm I was heading westbound on River Road in Windsor, when a women in a Volkswagen Euro-van heading eastbound pulled out in front of me. Jason and I were riding 60-80mph in a 35 zone and the women that was driving the van inaccurately gauged that we were speeding. I was unable to stop and Struck the woman’s van at 60-80mph on the rear right. Sonoma Life Support was initially called out to rescue me, but they had an 8 minute ETA. Fortunately the Bells ambulance rig was 1-2 blocks away and instantly went in route to help me. They arrived on scene approximately 3 minutes or so after I went down and said I hadn’t been breathing for 3-4 minutes. If Bells hadn’t been 1-2 blocks away I probably would be dead or a vegetable. Bells ambulance intubated me on-scene and rushed me to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. We arrived at approximately 5:15pm, only an hour after I had left there. In route to Santa Rosa Memorial my heart stopped twice. Once they got me to the Emergency Room I was quickly recognized by Several of the nurses who quickly had the entire staff doing everything in their power to help me. I spent approximately 45 days at three different ICU’s and approximately 16 days at Vallejo Rehab Center. I came home from Vallejo Rehab on December 1st of 2007 after 61 days in 4 different hospitals. Initially my parents were told that if I lived I would never walk again and would have to be cared for the rest of my life. On December 1st, when I came home I was already walking, granted it was very wobbly and slow but I was doing it. Now I am driving, walking almost completely normal, living on my own again, working, and going to school to be an EMT. Before my accident I was going to school to be a Fire Fighter, but my injuries may never allow me to finish that. The main reason I feel I’m alive is, I do still have my mind and through all my hardships I want to help people now more than ever. I believe it was the hardships I endured and the dedication of the medical staff and my family and friends which really changed my outlook on life. I Know that God has a job for me in life Which I haven‘t completed yet. If I only save one life within my life time it will have all been worth it and I hope I will end up saving dozens and touching hundreds. That’s why I believe I’m alive for a reason.