This I Believe

Stav - Albany, New York
Entered on November 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: equality

I believe in diversity;

an encompassing ability.

Selfless attitudes must be prevalent

and by selfless, I don’t mean selfish.

Conceited ethnocentric views quickly wiped away,

like the dirt on a child’s face.

I believe in captivating experiences

where eye meets eye

in a moment where all that is known

is purely unknown.

Feelings blended with voluntary colorblindness

as one gazes into another’s world-

opening the mind to an ocean of possibilities,

waves hitting the shores, shining, shimmering,

continuously changing with newly formed ripples,

Ripples of intelligence, of skill, of prominence-

while waves crash against poisoned waters full of animosity.

I smile as the wind tosses my hair, a beautiful breeze.

God, it feels so good to live and breathe.

I believe I smell a change in the air.

He is no different than she is no different than them.

Unless different means unique-…unless-…different means original.

I believe in a world, rid of ignorance-

and inferiority complexes that perplex the mind.

I believe in a new reality, one that has long resided in my imagination.

By: Stav Levy