This I Believe

John - Oro Valley, Arizona
Entered on November 7, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: birth, family

When i found out i wasn’t sure what to think happy or sad ex

cited or depressed. The only thing i could think about was, how is it

gonna feel, are they going to look at me different, ignore me? Those

and a million other thoughts were going through my head. Is what

is happening good or bad. what was it going to be like have a

brother at this old. Thirteen years i have been an only child and

now i am being told i am going to have a brother. i was scared i did

not know what to think. how to act around him? Knowing in nine

months i will have a little brother in my life. I was nervous from the

day i was told to the day he was born i did’nt know what having a

brother would be like, i didnt know what to do.

The day finally comes, November 13, 2002. Starts off as a nor

mal day. Waking up and drinking some coffee with my dad. But then

all of a sudden its a mad race to the hospital. Before i knew it i was

off to school. My mom and dad left for the hospital. The entire day

i was on edge i didnt know what to think. i have a baby brother now.

Finally the school day ends i wait to get off the bus to see my dad

waiting for me. Soon of the bus were at the hospital. The first time i

saw him, my mom was holding him in the rocking chair in the hospt-

al. From this day on i could not imagine my life without him. i would

be lost without him. He has been a huge impact in my life and always will. If it werent for him i dont know where we would be as a family.