This I Believe

Liza Peralta - Chula Vista, California
Entered on November 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: environment

What Needs To Be Done

It was an odd morning, I was tired and drowsy as I reluctantly lifted myself out from the comforts and safety of my warm bed. Slowly I walked to my bedroom window as usual, and noticed that the normal blue and sunny sky was darkened over grey. Were these clouds? No, this was familiar. It had happened before. The city was burning or at least somewhere close was. I watched as the tiny particles of ash fell on the sand, almost like snow it seemed in some sadistic sort of way.

My best friend rushed into my bedroom and frantically told me that many parts of our county were on fire and spreading quickly. My heart rate quickened as I grabbed for the remote and turned on the TV, every channel was the same. News casters were showing homes and mountains as they burned, giving out evacuation information. What a horrible thought to have to move from your home with little to nothing not knowing if when you returned if the home that housed all your memories and possessions would still be standing when you returned.

The next morning I woke up early and turned on the TV, as a found out that the fire spread into the East Lake area I decided to pack some things. If the fire managed to spread anymore then my family and I would find ourselves in a bit of trouble. The only good thing was that my family had a place to go in case of evacuation, to my families ranch in Mexico. But ironically there was also a fire going on in Mexico that was heading towards our ranch. It would be sad if something would happen to the ranch my family worked so hard to build. It was a nauseating thought to be completely homeless. It made me think to myself Why is this happening? I went to speak to my best friend, sat in the kitchen to get her take in this. Her theory was that this was the second coming, she told me that in the bible when God talks to Noah he tells him that after then world ends in water that the second coming would end in fire.

I have to admit that it was a scary thought but after a moment it hit me that our fire season was stretched 80 more days due to global warming. Of course global warming has been a growing issue but it hasn’t really been dealt with to the fullest extent. This I believe is happening due to an issue our government has been pushing aside. No, putting aside larger issues like the existence of human kind due to dangers like global warming for our country, isn’t more important than making sure that we ‘help another country‘. If the United States is the number one country who contributes to global warming should we really be focused on fighting a war? No but what needs to be done is to take all the efforts we have in this pointless war and put it towards fixing global warming so that hopefully later generations wont have to deal with the increasing fire season, losing their homes, lives, family friends the way some of the people in this fire did. We need to help our own country before we can help others.