This I Believe

Rene - Corydon, Indiana
Entered on November 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: gratitude

Don’t Forget How Lucky You Are.

By: Rene Kintner

I have always enjoyed helping others. I believe this joy gained from helping others came from my parents. Beginning at a very early age my parents would take my sister and I to local soup kitchens to volunteer, and we even helped to sort clothing at the local Goodwill a few times. It was important to my parents for us to realize how fortunate our family was, but also to have the knowledge that we are never too fortunate to help those in need. From beginning to volunteer at such a young age I not only gain joy from the experience but I also feel somewhat of a responsibility when it comes to helping others.

I did not realize until almost two years ago how much I really do enjoy helping others. I will never forget Christmas 2006. I was diagnosed with skin cancer. It was not just the diagnosis that I was concerned with; this also meant that I would have to quit the college golf team, which I was so proud to be a member of. I also was told that I would not be able to play golf leisurely among many other outdoor sports that I enjoyed without being completely covered with clothing, wearing a hat, and applying sunscreen continuously. After my diagnoses I had a decision to make. I could choose to feel sorry for myself, or I could realize how lucky I am.

I have spent almost every Saturday morning for the last two years at the St. Thomas Health Clinic. I mainly help to dispense medications and council patients about their medications. Whenever I am finished helping a patient I am reminded how fortunate I am just to have health insurance, among many other things. I have come to find that helping others actually helps me. Every time I help someone it means that I have been blessed with a particular ability that they have not, for whatever reason. When I realize how I helped someone I am reminded of what God has blessed me with and just how fortunate I am. I am fortunate because my ailments are only skin deep and the people that I am helping have ailments that are much deeper. I believe that helping others helps you to remember how lucky you are.