This I Believe

Jarrod - Knoxville, Tennessee
Entered on November 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

As a full time student-athlete at Maryville College, I am faced with many difficult tasks in everyday life. I believe that preparation is one of the most important but often overlooked factors to success in life in general. Preparation for everyday life can mean many different things. Depending on your lifestyle, what you do, and your goals preparation is varied. For me, preparation is to get myself ready for the next day. Sure, I have many goals, but to achieve those goals I have to take one day at a time. Being at a college that, I feel, is extremely difficult, I must prepare the night before for the next day. I must finish all of my homework, study, and still manage to get enough sleep to achieve my short term goals for the next day. Playing collegiate baseball, for me, is also a difficult task. I must find time to prepare myself for the next day by running, working out, hitting, or running. Sometimes my night consists of all of those things. That is why I feel that preparation is extremely important to everyday life, and not just for achieving long term goals.