This I Believe

uzma - OX16 1YT, United Kingdom
Entered on November 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in weighing my food. I believe this is the only way to keep my weight under control. I am not fat or thin, I’m a healthy weight. Weighing my food is how I keep myself at this healthy weight. 4 years ago I was 3 stone overweight. I ate everything and anything. I took no notice of calories or portion size. I ate whatever I felt like eating. Than I saw myself in a family birthday party video. I was shocked by my size. Family members who I considered fat were tiny compared to me. I hadn’t realised I was this fat. Even though family members had given me hints about going on a diet, I had taken no notice. Strangly when I looked in the mirror I could not see a fat person. That day I put myself onto a low calorie diet. I dieted for 6 months on 1200 calories a day. I continued until I got to 60kg. At this point I found myself with a new struggle. The struggle of keeping myself at this weight and not putting on any weight. Even by eating 3 meals a day I would gain a few pounds. And then have to diet to loose that excess weight. I found constantly being on and off a diet stressful and draining. My energy levels were low, my skin looked pale, and I did not feel good. Then I discovered portion control. I now weigh most of the food that I eat. I weigh out large portions of low calorie and low fat food. I will eat hugh portions of pasta, rice, potatoes and chicken. Controlling portion size means there are no forbidden foods. I also eat chocolate, crisps and cakes. I weigh out small portions of these high calorie foods. I don’t weigh vegetables and fruit. They are low calorie and nutritious and I eat as much as I want. I have used this method for 2 years now, and my weight has remained stable. Weighing food is not an unhealthy obsession as I am not too thin. Weighing food keeps me at a healthy weight. For me, weighing my food is a part of living in a healthy way.