This I Believe

Brett - Tucson, Arizona
Entered on November 6, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

I’ve heard many aphorisms in the short 17 years I’ve been alive. Ben Franklin is famous for many, like “A penny saved is a penny earned.” or “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” My father who is a doctor at a local hospital, and often referred to as a polymath, has told me many times an aphorism that seems true now more than ever; especially now that I am junior in high school. The expression is “The journey is it’s own reward”.

My years in high school have been the greatest of my life so far. I work hard in courses that I actually enjoy including Spanish, Model United Nations, and others. During the school year, I am often asked where I plan to go and what I plan to do after graduation. But I try not to focus on the future. Yes, it is important to apply to colleges and take control of what you are going to do in your near future. But I want to enjoy high school while I am in high school. I believe it is important to stay “in the moment”, savoring the journey as it comes and reaching the reward (graduation), when I get there. It seems that every year school becomes harder and more competitive, and although I do put a lot of work towards school, I try to enjoy it the best I can.

Thoughts about life are often put into aphorisms, using metaphors like “the finish line” or “highway of life.” to remind us that life is a journey. Although graduation next year may, in some ways, be a finishing line, I know there is another one after that, and another after that. The journey to those lines is what I’m trying to enjoy and feel lucky to be experiencing. It is the process of going somewhere, and realizing that all the events that transpire are, in and of themselves, the reward. It’s the people, places, events, and every other opportunity that arises along the way that makes it all worth doing.