The True Athlete

Andrew - Franklin, Indiana
Entered on November 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

I believe in the Division 3 athletes, because they are the underdogs. We live in the world of the underdog. We are all a part of a nation that used to be the underdog. I am the underdog. As a matter of fact, all Division III athletes are underdogs. We are not the biggest, the strongest, or the best. We do not intimidate the competition. We just play not for the hope of fame and fortune, but because we love the game, we have a passion for it, and we are not ready to give it up just yet. While others may often outweigh us physically, we out weigh them mentally. We have a lot of determination and more importantly, heart. We play the game as it was originally designed, for pure fun. We never play for the team with the notorious coaches. We are never on the team with the best players, the fanciest uniforms, or the best facilities. At Franklin College the athletes are the underdogs. This is why I believe in the Division 3 athlete. Nothing is handed down to them; they have to earn everything they get. They play the game the right way. They have so much pride in playing the game, and play it for the love of the game. Division 3 athletes are self motivators who just push themselves to be better, by using their passion and enthusiasm. I truly believe in the division 3 athlete because they are the underdogs and know the true meaning of athletics. This I Believe.