This I Believe

sean - Orting, Washington
Entered on November 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

I believe that one of the hardest things to live with is the feeling of regret. Regretting not saying something to someone you care about or even not doing something, like something daring for example. But what I think is overlooked is the cause of this feeling, and the reason we don’t take all the risks we wish would have. I believe it starts with fear.

Fear is a very strong emotion. So strong your fear can make your decisions for you and those are the ones you can regret the most. Many people think too much about what might happen or what could happen. Sometimes it’s better to just react and let life happen without being afraid of consequences all the time. I myself find myself not speaking my mind in important conversations because I am afraid of what reaction might occur. A time in my life where I do this constantly is in conversations with my father. We used to be very close but ever since my parents separated we have greatly drifted apart. When I do see him I have all these subjects and feelings I would like to bring up but just am unable to speak the words. I know that we will never be the same until I am able to get over that. I later always run it over and over in my head and wish I would have just said what was on my mind instead of thinking things through so much. Another annoyance I have is when parents and coaches are always telling you not to do things because you can get hurt. In reality you can be hurt doing anything so I feel that it is ridiculous to let other people make you scared to have fun and try things. If something is meant to happen it will happen, so live your life as fun and as bravely as you want to.

The world should start living for real and stop trying to control their destiny so much. We should speak the truth and speak our minds. We should use our bodies to there full potential and not treat them like fragile glass. By doing this we will be much happier people because regret would be eliminated from our lives. After all a life lived in fear is a wasted life.