This I Believe

Laurel - los angeles, California
Entered on November 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

What do you think love is? Love is a warm fuzzy feeling inside that you get when you like a special someone. You just can’t seem to stop smiling, and your legs go wobbly. When you get near that person who constantly stays in your thoughts, you get a swooping sensation in your stomach, and you feel as if you just came off a huge rollercoaster. When that person accidentally nudges you, bumps into you, or gives you a hug, you seem to sink into them, and you feel livelier, more cheerful, and a lot more confident in everything you do. Also, when you are in love, your cheeks hurt from smiling so much. There are many types of love such as puppy love, family love, and friendly love. Puppy love is a kind of love where you just have a little crush on a boy that you don’t really care about for about an hour or two. Family love is a non romantic kind, where you love your family and pets with a special part of your heart. Friendly love is when you love a pal, but you are happy with just being their friend. Many musicians, writers, and philosophers have described love, but I believe that love as something shown to someone through your silent actions, not through words.

Love in my life is shown through many actions, but it is rarely expressed through words. One way that love is seen in my life is through my parents. Every night and every morning my parents say “I love you” or “Have a great day at school” or “Good night, sleep tight”. These short little comments make me feel as if I have a little fire burning inside – a common side effect of family love. This is an example of how love can easily be exposed on a daily basis in my life. For example, last week, I was talking to someone (I’m not saying who), and they kept on talking to me about nothing in particular; then after I was about to say that I had something else to do, and I had to go, the person gave me a hug. This is a quiet, yet simple way of mutely saying “How do you feel about me?” This also demonstrates to me how they feel about me. This happened in five minutes, but it still has the same meaning: the way Gary Soto describes love, is often times displayed in my life in the same way. This tiny piece of my day proved that love truly is silent. This also shows that you don’t have to yell out “I have a crush on you!” to get the message through. Love is a feeling of hope, confidence, and joy and if you take a few noiseless risks, committing social suicide may be worth it in the end.