This I Believe

Lucas - Chester, New Hampshire
Entered on November 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

What I Believe

Beliefs are what I hold on to when there is nothing left. I base my life choices on some of my beliefs, which guide me in the right direction. There is an important influence in my life that has defined me. Without this influence, I would lack integrity and respect. That key influence is my family. I believe family plays a big factor in my life because there is a certain comfort and unconditional love that I can’t find anywhere else, even among my closest friends. I know them so well, and at times I am vulnerable. I can always turn to them to share open thoughts and effectively express myself without fear of judgment.

I believe that having a caring family that communicates frequently can be the best cure for confusion and anxiety. I feel that if I had a dysfunctional family, my life would be completely different. I would lack confidence and enjoyment in life. Life would be a depressing maelstrom of hidden frustration, causing me to have anxiety over the simplest tasks. My friends with divorced parents, for example, seem to always want to seek vengeance against their parents for what they have put them through in their childhood. I do believe that people are capable of rising above their circumstances, but many lack the commitment to do so. Instead of overcoming their childhood, many carry the frustration throughout their entire life. I respect my parents and their opinions and reasoning, mainly because they have given me so much. I owe my life to them, because they have made me the outgoing, cheerful and friendly person I am today.