“Field Fairies aren’t so bad”

Janelle - Menomonie, Wisconsin
Entered on November 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

When I was around four years old, my mom thought that I was becoming a pudgy little child. So, she decided that it was time to get me to be more active. This is the time in my life that I remember her getting me into as many sports as she could. I bounced around from sport to sport, like a tennis ball at a match, but I soon found the sport that just seemed to fit me.

Thanks to my mother, I found my first love. It was more than a game, it was a way to bring me close to so many people for over a decade. This game made it possible to share a bond with these people and it became the place that all your fears and all the stress of the day came off the minute you started playing. It was all about leaving it on the field. I know I was called many names because of this sport, the common one was “field fairy” but I took it as a compliment because these people were just jealous. Soccer is a game that takes a lot of endurance, energy, mental ability, and skill and these people that made fun of the game weren’t worthy of playing the game. I ate, slept and breathed soccer for over fifteen years and continue to do so.

I believe that everyone needs a game or a passion that they enjoy. Soccer just happens to be my passion and my first love, but each person has their own passion and should find some sort of sport that fits them. I believe that sports are the back bone of this society. Sports keep people’s minds and bodies in shape. Sports even have their own power. They bring out character and values in people that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. Sports bring out sportsmanship, fairness, integrity and respect for oneself and others, and because of sports, the athletes that play these sports aspire to be heroes for children and adults who need a hero.

Why are sports so good at making a hero out of a person? Well, to be honest, they give people something to look forward to. Sports are the one thing in the world that everyone can enjoy; the people playing it and the people watching it. For example, there are so many people who live to watch football. I have personally switched my schedule at work so I could have Sundays and Mondays off just to watch the Packers play, which by the way is my second love. Sports have a way of bringing people and communities together because of a common bond; the love of the game.

I believe sports have become my back bone, but more importantly being a field fairy has become my true back bone. When I get stressed and can’t think clearly, I take a ball out on the field and juggle for awhile. My head then becomes so much clearer, and when I leave for the day the stress stays on the field. This is how I respond to soccer but each person should find that one sport that releases their stress and makes them feel new again. I believe that if you believe in sports, sports will believe in you and you will be a better person because of it.