Believing is Imagining

Jonathan - Menomonie, Wisconsin
Entered on November 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I imagined I was walking up to a giant candy cane one afternoon when I was approached by a beautiful princess who pointed me in the direction of Lollipop Castle. The castle was where I could find the magical key of butterscotch candy. When I was growing up as a young boy I can remember when I used to use my imagination to play in the backyard. I also imagined being a pro baseball player and a knight of the round table. In public grade school teachers tried to teach me how to use my imagination but somewhere along the way it seems like I began to use my imagination less. My imagination began to leave me as I got older it might be society telling me that I shouldn’t be thinking that way, or it’s just what happens when you get older.

Part of me wishes I could still imagine the way I used to, to help deal with situations in my life that seem like I can’t control. When there is something in my life that is hard for me to deal with, like a breakup of a relationship, I try to use my imagination to help transport me to a place that makes me happy.

My imagination is a key in finding happiness, or it can at least teleport me to my idea of happiness for a short time. Using the imagination gives hope, which can inspire me to make what is imaginary become a reality. Reality can be a harsh place to live, a place that people need to escape from sometimes. However, not all is lost; it is those people that don’t lose their imagination that we depend on to better this world.

Throughout history people’s imaginations have helped shape society as we see it today. The most influential people in history have used their imagination to improve the imperfects of the world. We can use Walt Disney as an example of a person using his imagination to help others. Walt’s active imagination created some of the most famous cartoon characters in the world. These imaginary characters teach us about our beliefs and core values of society. Even though the characters are imaginary, they effect our every day lives because of what we learn from them. We can learn from Walt and take our imaginations to where they want to go and follow, instead of trying to lead our imagination to where others want it to go.

I believe in the use of the imagination to help shape the world. It is the people that use their imagination that make the biggest differences. I believe in using your imagination to make a difference in your personal life. Allowing your imagination to help deal with emotion is a key in process in achieving self-satisfaction. The imagination is a gift for us to use, a tool to help us understand what is happening in reality and how we can change it. It is the place that we all need to go to when we need hope. I believe in the imagination.