Long Distance Relationships

Andrew - Mosinee, Wisconsin
Entered on November 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Menomonie sits about 110 miles west of Marshfield. Moving from my hometown in Marshfield, Wisconsin to Menomonie, Wisconsin has been tough for me, my friends, and my family. I moved from Marshfield to Menomonie in order to further my education by going to college. My second year has started at the University of Wisconsin – Stout, and majoring in Applied Math and Computer Sciences. My major will enable me to be in a career dealing with the development of web sites for a particular business. While I am 110 miles away from my hometown to attend college, I have truly started to miss being around my friends and family. I have finally realized the importance of my friends and family in my life. I have finally realized, by moving away to college, that I appreciate my loved ones more than I would expect. I realized this because of driving.

The new fall semester has begun, which meant I had to move back to Menomonie and leave my summer behind me. Also, it meant I was leaving my friends and my family behind me as well. Beginning my second year at Stout, I have learned that the relationships I have with my parents and my friends are of great value to me. My family, of course, has been there for me since I was born and my friends have been there for me since elementary school. To me, these life-long relationships are the reason my friends and family are of great value to me. I find myself making the choice to drive back to my hometown on a weekly basis to see my parents and my friends because of our life-long relationships. This drive has taught me a few things about me: that I care and want to be with my loved ones badly. Because of college, I have finally come to accept that I am one lucky person: I have friends that are fun to hang around with, and I have loving parents who support my dreams.

And, in this period in my life, I want to be in Marshfield very badly. Recently, right before I moved back to Menomonie, one of my best friends got into trouble with the law. His crime shocked my friends and I so much that we all broke down in tears because we could not believe this could happen. As of right now, my friend is awaiting trial and I want to be spending as much time with him as I can. If he gets convicted, he could face a large amount of time in jail.

I believe it is important for everyone to remain close to the people they love – visiting or calling your loved ones is the best solution. A person should cherish the relationships they have with their friends and family because sooner than they may expect those relationships and those people may be gone. Even though many of us are away from our loved ones, be it soldiers in Iraq or being students at college, I believe we should keep our loved ones as close as possible to our hearts.