This I Believe

Meghann - hampton, New Hampshire
Entered on November 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: forgiveness

This I Believe

I believe that trust is one of the most important things between two people, or even everyone in the world.

When I was three years old my parents got divorced, now ever since I can remember parents, grandparents, and everyone older than you said don’t cheat, don’t lie, but yet I saw all of these things happening right in front of me.

So I’m wondering as I’m sitting outside with my brother Ryan how can this be happening to me. Yes, I was only three but I knew the difference between good and bad, and right and wrong.

Throughout my life I had always given every person I knew one chance to earn my trust and after I lost there trust it was gone forever, no seconds chances, no re-do’s nothing.

After eleven years of my parents being separated, they have gotten re-married four years ago. I thought to myself as I stood next to my Mom at the wedding this is the best day of my life, but on the other hand I thought well if my Mom can give seconds chances to trust maybe I can too. From that day on I’ve realized everything deserves a second chance even trust.