This I Believe

Tiffany - Middleburg, Florida
Entered on November 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

Everything, aside from life’s purpose as ordained by God, is meaningless. Very few things leave a standing impact on the lives of men, and those that do will fail to last. For this reason I believe everything is meaningless. There is not one thing that will withstand time, and I do not believe in the significance of anything worldly. However, this is not to say that everything is worthless or purposeless.

In my room one night I cried for the uncertainty of things. It hit me all at once that everything I’ve done, all of the friends I’ve made the goals I’ve reached, would hold no meaning once I’ve passed on. Merit means nothing in Heaven, along with accomplishments. I believe relationships are important, but meaningless. All worldly relationships are terminable.

At this point I decided that everything is meaningless. This was a source of optimism for me, contrary to the surface level of things. If everything is, in fact, trivial, I need not worry about my shortcomings or disadvantages. I believe all negative happenings will cease to exist. Of course, this means the positive things as well, but everything in my life will be followed with the joy I have in my Lord, Jesus. Given this, if everything is meaningless, I certainly don’t mind.

I believe in the pursuit of education and science. However, I also believe the result of this pursuit, every time, is futile. The value of science remains as long as the Earth remains. It is inevitable that our planet will one day cease to exist. Science and education hold no meaning for me because I cannot see the purpose in searching for answers or learning about concepts regarding an earth that will not always be here, in a life we will not always be living. When the order of things changes or disappears, what is the significance of anything we have learned?

Work, too, is a target of mine. While what we gain in work is valuable now, what is it worth ultimately? I believe that work is insubstantial. In Ecclesiastes it is said, “The sun rises and the sun sets, and hurries back to where it rises.” This statement gives the best example of why I hold the belief that work is meaningless. To hurry and strive to complete the same responsibilities daily is without reason, and appears without meaning. Work holds a purpose, but lacks purpose when taken out of context. If work is used for gain, and whatever we gain is temporary, this, too, leaves work without meaning and without a purpose ultimately.

Everything that’s been done will be done over, and what holds importance now will not be important when we’re gone. Although it is necessary to make achievements and advancements in the world and in ourselves, these, too, mean nothing. For this reason, I believe everything is meaningless.