This I Believe

Cristin - Boulder, Colorado
Entered on November 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in dance.

Throughout my life, like most lives, I have asked the question who am I? One can spend a lifetime trying to figure out who they are, but I never wanted to spend a lifetime. I wanted to know. I knew that listening to my instinct would not fail me, and then suddenly everything appeared crystal clear. The answer I had been looking for was sitting right in front of me, waiting patiently in my soul, yearning to get out. My answer was dance.

From the start I knew, no doubt, that everything that surrounded me was my song and all I had to do was dance along. It only seemed natural. The 12 years and hundreds of hours of hard work and determination that I have spent dancing are more than just a passion; they are a way of life. Little did I know that it single handedly defines who I am. Each and every time I dance, I dance to the song in my heart, and every time I dance to the song in my heart, my true colors are revealed. Nothing can stand against me. Some might say otherwise, but I know that dance brings out any one person’s matchless character.

I believe dance tells a story. There is a way to relate dance to every single aspect of this world. Time, like the constant ticking of our internal clocks. Movement, like all the different places we will go in our duration. Emotion, like the millions of emotions we feel every day. Space, like the desire to reach for more than what borders us. Energy, like the days when we contain the power to run a marathon or the days when resting has never sounded better, and body, like the challenge of accepting ourselves for what we have been given.

Free of containment and fearless, it never ceases to amaze me. Dance demonstrates taking pride in who you are and what you will become. I believe there is nothing greater than that itself. Dance has taught me more about myself than even I ever could. It has given me more strength and will-power than any one or anything could ever give me. If ever a day when it seems as if the sun isn’t shining as bright, I know I can turn to dance to always pull through.

Dance will never let me down, this I believe.