This I Believe

Jake - Hampton Falls, New Hampshire
Entered on November 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

If you asked me what I believed, I probably couldn’t give you a believable answer. Most likely I would spout off something totally fake just to make you say, “Oh wow, I never thought of it that way.” Until I was given the question I had never even thought about it, but upon thought all I could come up with is that I believe in keeping to myself, not in the sense of being completely solitary and living like a hermit, just letting myself take care of things that don’t really concern others. I remember one night at a restaurant, with my brother and mom; we were having a conversation about what we were like as toddlers. My mom said that I was always quiet, whenever I got a “booboo” I would try to make it better by myself, or when I broke something I tried to fix it alone. She said she used to come home from work and find me sitting in my room playing with my stuffed animals with my face and hands covered in blood, I didn’t run up to my dad and ask him to make it stop hurting, I just used whatever I could find to make it feel better, whether that something would be books, toilet paper, or clothes. This trait has carried on through me for my entire life, and has made a lot of things easy and a lot more things tough. Whenever I injure myself in football, fall behind in school, or get caught in a sticky situation; I just deal with it and keep moving on. Whenever I hurt myself I don’t tell my parents, I don’t get checked out I just keep going and do whatever I can to keep myself going. Even simple things like parents asking me what went on in school, friends asking me what’s up, or adults asking me what’s wrong, nine times out of ten I’ll just say nothing or make something up so that I can slip past and take care of it myself. It’s not me trying to be stubborn or selfish, it’s me doing what I want because it’s what I believe in, it’s my curse and my blessing, but that doesn’t matter to me, because this is what I believe.