This I Believe

Robert - Fairbanks, Alaska
Entered on November 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change, family

I believe that unexpected change is always lurking, waiting like a coiled cat ready to pounce on its unsuspecting prey. I also belive that these unexpected changes can be positive.

One day, two-and-a-half years ago, when I was still attending Immaculate Conception School I was at home with my dearest (evil) little brother, George. My dad was away on a bike ride and my mother was at work. My dad came scurrying home from his bike ride and in the space of four hours there were two more people living in my tan hexagonal house. Their names were Evan and Colin, my two cousins who I barely knew.

All of this occurred like a strike of lighting on a clear day and altered my life and my family’s life for two and a half years and counting. To me, it was entirely unexpected and I’d never seen it coming. These two people I hardly knew took my normal then and turned it sideways into a semblance of what it is now.

Now, I can be negative, but what I learned and experienced after Evan and Colin moved in definitely had several positive impacts on me as a person. I could argue, “They’ve ruined my life and I hate them,” and truth is I’ve tried only to be crushed by my mother’s unrelentingly pesky logic. As she’s pointed out herself I would most positively be quite different if they had never barged into my life. I’d definitely be lacking in maturity and be less appreciative of what my family does for me and the other people in my family. I would also be far less aware of several other things such as drugs and what they can do to your life.

Looking back, I could wish that they’d never have moved in. But that doesn’t change the fact that unexpected change was rather good for me and could be good for anybody else. We never see it coming but perhaps that is part of what makes it good for me or anybody else, helping us to learn more about ourselves and others.