This I Believe

Andrew - Lafayette, Colorado
Entered on November 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe in Thanksgiving. Whenever it’s Thanksgiving we go to my grandmas house to celebrate this time of year with her. It’s nice to get together with the family and have a great time. The best part of always going there, for me, was the Thanksgiving feast. When I look back, I see that life is very much like that feast. You have the table, long and plain, and much like life it’s what you put on it that makes it special. Grace is religion. You might do it, but others might not. Then you have the silverware. Life has many twists, turns, and forks in your life road. You might pick the right path at that fork or you might not. Like silverware you might pick the wrong fork when you choose which one to eat your salad with. Also like a knife you might what to cut out some of the worst parts. Some times you can, some times you can’t. Turkey is the people you meet in life, they might be ordinary, nice, small, or fat, but one thing they have in common is one of them will always what to pick a bone with you. Stuffing is the words that fill people’s imaginations. You can always share, but it will always be different to the next person. The bad experiences are the vegetables. No one likes them, but they’re always good for you and provide a healthy learning experience. The sweet yams are the parts in life that you really don’t like until later on. I used to hate yams, but now I can stand them. Cranberries are the love in life. Everyone likes them, it lasts as long as you want, and when mixed with other it makes everything a little bit better. Finally you have the pumpkin pie, the sweetest part of life. The best years that I just want to slowly take in and savor. And at the end, I look back and feel satisfied at what I have taken in over the years. To me this time of year is the most important to me. That’s why I believe in Thanksgiving.